Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Youngest Person To Ever Find Supernova

Ten year old Kathryn Aurora Gray of New Brunswick in Canada rose to fame in the scientific world this week when she became the youngest person to ever discover one of nature’s most bad-ass phenomena: a supernova. 

            While examining pictures taken of galaxy UGC3378, a galaxy that is approximately 240 million light-years away from Earth, Gray noticed a bright light, which outshone other stars. Under the supervision of her father, she reported the finding to authorities at the "International Astronomical Union's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams,"  who later confirmed her discovery.

            This was a fantastic discovery for such a young developing academic to find. In addition, anyone who discovers something of interest before NASA does is always deserving of my highest respect. Your move, NASA.


  1. Was she listening to dubstep when she found this supernova?

  2. Yeah, what does this have to do with dubstep?

  3. Also, why is the post in a serif-font? Did you copy and paste it from a word processing program?

  4. wow that's pretty cool. I wish i were that lil girl.

    p.s. your second pic isn't showing....