Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cleaning Machine

My mum is a cleaning machine. Every time I would leave the couch for less than 20 seconds, and put down my book to get food in the kitchen, I would return, and my book would be gone. 20 seconds! From that moment on, having experienced many instances of these disappearances, I vowed to live in a pigsty for the rest of my life. Nah, but I hated my stuff going missing so much because she put it away so quickly!

Since moving away from home into my own house, I could never keep the place clutter-free for more than a day at a time, because I like knowing where all my stuff is at all times. Well, tonight, that changes! Here we go...

Here's my living room - it's kind of a mess. Stage one - locate and relocate main offenders of clutter.

Those Jackets and water bottles were causing problems, but it could look better.

Glad I moved those bags - yes, one of the is still in the picture, but now it's against the wall. I could do even better though, that table isn't looking too good.

And there we have it, a cleaned living room. Much better!


  1. Did your mom ever have a game plan for cleaning? My mother totally does. Once a week. Jesus tits.

  2. Good topic to choose. I can totally relate. haha. I like how the pictures are all relatively at the same angle, makes a good sequence

  3. I liked this one. Most people can relate to having a messy room or even a clean freak parent. it was interesting!

  4. great anecdote about your mom. that's HILARIOUS. what an awesome memory.