Wednesday, January 5, 2011


To support my creative recovery I decided to meet new people. I've spent the last semester trying to avoid the freshmen. Cody helped me by introducing me to Mathius, Kent*, and Bryan with a "y" before we went out for the night.

After bitching about the cat, Mathius and I argured over his hatred of animals... we did Brittany's cat escaped. Mathius and I chased the cat and tried to reach it under the car. After capturing her and considering my argument, Mathius decided he didn't hate animals so much.

I seem to have gained not only some new friendships by letting my artist to have some new people to talk to at AC, but also expand Mathius' ideas. I hope these new guys' ideas help to increase my creativity, along with these other steady sources of support and inspiration. 
*name changed by request


  1. Very nice homeless man, with pink cap, <3 small kittens.

  2. ...Is Mathius the changed name? Because Kent is Kent.