Friday, January 7, 2011

Burial - Untrue Review

150 word maximum version:

As far as fans are concerned, dubstep artist Burial's real name is William Bevan, he lives in London, and he's released two critically acclaimed albums. Beyond that, no one knows anything about him. Although some fans say his music is similar to Clubroot or Pangaea, most agree that Burial is, well, Burial.

In 2007, Burial released Untrue.  "Archangel" is the hit song from Untrue. Burial's method of cutting up drum beats using simple audio-editing software causes the beats to slip out of time throughout the album, without detracting from the overall rhythm. Pitch and reverb manipulation of pop artist acapellas such as Beyonce, give the vocals a haunting feel.

"Endorphin" is the best ambient song on the album. He uses club synths and almost transcendent vocal samples to create a euphoric effect, conjuring the feeling you'd get walking through the streets of London after dancing in a club until 4AM.

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