Friday, January 21, 2011

A Rare Occurrence: SouthWest Pilot holds flight for a grandpa!

An Arizona businessman’s flight from LA to Denver was filled with all types of emotions. Mark Dickinson’s grandson was being taken off life support in a Denver hospital, when he got a phone call to get there immediately. Mark was trying to weave the airport security, where nobody would buy into the story. But, luckily for him, the pilot held the plane for 12 minutes to Mark to get there. The airline, SouthWest, has responded that they are “proud” of their pilot. This is a rare occurrence in amidst of airlines fees and on time performance campaigns, kudos to SouthWest and the unnamed pilot!

Gokul Mani is an avid Medicine-related writer, at times wires about the some of the heart warming stories he comes across. He is a Pre-Medical student of Austin College, Sherman, Texas.

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