Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ever Wanted To Drive A Tank?

I am a huge fan of blowing things up and just generally raising hell.  So when I first read about being able to drive a tank on Cracked I was hooked on the idea.  The best part of it all though?  You can do it right here in Sherman.

Yep, all it takes is a call to Incredible Adventures and you can drive one of seven different tanks in an actual battle simulation.  Now, to me that seems like possibly one of the most badass things that I could ever experience and it seems like Sean from  GamersInfo would agree.

"It was an event to remember. Holy cow. I’m sitting on the plane headed back to Atlanta, and I can still hear the rumble of the tanks and the explosions. The whole day was just plain amazing."

Their next event will take place March 18 - 20 and I'm hoping to be able to attend and I hope that some of you will too.  To get more information or to reserve your spot e-mail or call Incredible Adventures at 800 644-7382 or 941-346-2603

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  1. Actually that place has been shut down for a bit now. I've seriously looked into driving a tank enough to find this out.