Thursday, January 13, 2011

Five Movies To Inspire Your Thrift Store Purchases

Sometimes walking into your local thrift store can be a bit overwhelming... it's easy to get caught up in the mountains of bright wind suits and high waisted grandma skirts. Luckily we have these films to give  us some guidance in our repurposed clothing adventures.

Clementine's quirky style borders on homeless sometimes, and that's just what I love about it. Her outfits range from frumpy and practical to charmingly vintage, and all appear to have been purchased second hand... 
Take away from her wardrobe the fact that if none of your clothes match, it makes it clear that you don't give no fucks and are therefor a badass. Or that you're just insane.

2. Clueless: A collection of the explosion of wonderfully horrible 90's fashions. These bright preppy fashions and crop tops are never in short supply... and I've always wished that Cher would come give me a fabulous makeover like Tai's.

Though these looks would have maxed out daddy's credit  card back in the day, there are still some classic pieces you can get for cheap at a resale shop. And for those of you brave enough to rock some heels with knee socks and furry scrunchies, this movie shows you just how to do it.

3. Pretty in Pink: Doesn't get better than this in terms of repurposing and upcycling clothes; Andie's dress reconfiguration is a huge part of what makes this movie a classic.
Both her and Duckie's layers of lace and gaudy eighties jewelry inspire me every time. Andie's outfits beg you to clean out your grandparents closets and slice them up into something your own.

4. Valley Girl: Contrasts all the best 80's looks from the Hollywood punks to the Valley High prepsters. Blend acid washed denim with starched brightly colored photos and big hair. Then throw in some strangely styled red shirts and black pointed boots. Combine all to complete your throwback look in honor of Randy and Julie's uniting despite their fashion differences, and utilize everything at your local Goodwill.

5. Ghost World: The bitch in this movie knows how to pull the tackiest of the tacky out of the thrift stores, and wears them all well. Proof that with enough confidence you can design your own look without dropping too much money. And if you're looking for more of a middle aged pedophile look, Steve Buscemi is always your man.

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