Friday, January 7, 2011

Age of Adz; Sufjan Stevens Isn't Fucking Around

Released August 20, 2010, Sufjan Stevens’ once dreamy and folksy sounds have slowly morphed into something entirely new with The Age of Adz.

Songs like "Vesuvius" start off sounding more like the calm acoustic melody Sufjan's classics like "Casimir Pulaski Day" are known for, but gradually become more digitized and frantic.

Paranoia from the album’s inspiriation, “Prophet” Royal Roberts, are captured phenomenally with the racing flutes and violent drum beats and emotional ups and downs through the entire album, encapsulated entirely in the 25 minute “Impossible Soul” which begins with melancholy rhythm and lyrics of unrequited love crooning “I’ll calm down without bleeding out,” and progresses to optimistic repetition of “not so impossible.”
Fans of Sufjan's earlier work may be turned away, but for those welcome to electronic integration, this only adds to the beauty of the emotion within the lyrics and their intentions.

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