Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Obscured Face of Dubstep

Everyone knows that leaves are fun, and so is dubstep. However much fun dubstep is to listen to, such as Rusko's hit song "Hold On," or Benga's "Night," the genre is still suffering from an identity crisis. Do I dance? Or do I get introspective? The progression from devilish dissonant drum beats to bubbly pop tunes has listeners wondering what direction the London inspired genre is heading.


  1. I really love this image. And the songs are pretty okay as well.

  2. Great pic :] I like the way you relate the image to your topic.

  3. i like the picture too :)

    and thanks for the links; my kitten likes te dubstep.

  4. How namy "dub-step identity crisis" entries will you write?
    Not complaining. They are interesting.