Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did you check your email on your 3G-enabled iPad? You can find your other personal details on other websites!

Ever wondered how safe your 3G-enabled iPad powered by AT&T? I guess they are now safe after two hackers compromised and stole e-mail addresses and other personal data from around 120,000 iPad 3G users! Right! The Nation’s fastest mobile network broadband network’s server security weakness was targeted last June by two men by taking advantage of a loophole in AT&T’s servers that would return e-mail addresses associated with ID numbers that link the iPad’s 3G SIM cards to individual subscribers. AT&T was not charged rather the hacker were, because they pointed out the weakness of the network! So, kids, when you point out stuff to the government, they put you behind bars! Know that! Good job, Big Brother Government!

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