Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visit These Other Blogs!

Hey everyone! We are Mungo Estate, and we're here to tell you about some other blogs in our community that you should check out.

1. Our Modern Gush

Our Modern Gush authors cover a number of different subjects, including the evolution of TV and its affect on society, the unexplored world of K-Pop, educating the masses on black culture, and how to keep your food choices healthy and tasting good.

2. Three Girls, a Guy, and a Blog

The contributors to Three Girls, a Guy, and a Blog give us cynical inform us on how to survive through 2011,  on alternative music, old school video games that everyone should know about,  and how crime is portrayed in popular culture.

3. Text Appeal

In Text Appeal, the authors examine how women are portrayed in movies, inform us about news from around the world, and the wonderful world of gay music.

4. While You Exist

While You Exist write about a diverse array of subject. One of the authors writes about his quest to become a a dog, while another author talks about how to educate other on safe driving. Another subject one of the authors of While You Exist talks about is film, and the many aspects of cinema that have produced some of the greatest movies of our time. The final subject talked about involves informing us about hip-hop dancing and b-boys.

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