Monday, January 17, 2011

Mungo Estate Late Hour Extended Reports Are Here!

Mungo estate extended report1 by lauramassey
interview with maryland psychiatrist, dubstep jams, and commentary on the arizona shooting

Mungoestatextendedreport2 by lauramassey

interview with plano doctor's office, more dubstep from james, and some local musicians right on the AC campus!

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  1. Not bad. I enjoyed parts of it for sure. Here are some notes:

    1. Gokul's interview should have been edited. - Not so big on his announcing each question "My first question is…" it sounds more like a formal interview at times
    2. I don't know who James was playing.
    3. What the fuck is up with all the animal noises and poor editing?
    4. I love the advertisement
    5. Evan Harper:… I wish you had quoted some of the finger pointing and opportunism ie. Krugmann. Would have
    6. Audio on outro is not so great.

    1. Gokul's interview is pretty boring because it's non-specific in its discussion and identical in questions to the first one.
    2. When playing back music, James… playing the full song can be problematic. It might have been better for you to play 30-second clips of songs rather than a full one. Lisencing issues.
    3. The band plug should have played some of the music and at least told us where to get the album.
    5. The last part (4 Non Blondes) is kinda loud.