Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Invasivores? ...And More On How To Not Suck Up The World's Resources...

An interesting sustainable alternative to vegetarianism and veganism... taking sustainability to a new level of insanity that makes perfect sense.

AHHH so much trash.

A resolution you might consider instead this year aside from that doubtful plan to hit up the gym?

Some hope that not all capitalistic endeavors are completely evil...

Some things you might not have and should think about reusing...

I hope to own one of these lovely shops one day..

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  1. Some notes:

    - Why no dominant visual element? Without it this is just a post full of text.

    - What's with all the elipses...? Use them sparingly. Your last elipses just looks like two periods.

    - All of your round-up statements are teasers, giving me little to no idea what actually awaits if I choose to click on the link. Lure us with interesting specifics from the articles you're linking to instead of just a suggestive one-liner that leaves us uninformed about the info that awaits.

    Otherwise, a good mix of sources.