Wednesday, January 12, 2011

American Vandals

American Vandals - Episode 1

This episode deals with my feelings about Dwayne Carter and what he is doing to America.

American Vandals 1 - Mungo Estate - Evan Harper by Digital Self

American Vandals - Episode 2

In this episode I address the seemingly dead graffiti scene in the town of Sherman and wonder why it is this way.

American Vandals 2 - Mungo Estate - Evan Harper by Digital Self


  1. I love the title "American Vandals"

    #1 does sound like you are in a locked closet. What gives with the claustrophobic sound? There's also

    I love how you say "all about the pussy" and "I'm me, I'm me, bitch I'm me" in the voice of Lil' Wayne especially as you deign to discuss the social worth of "All-American" bands like The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones.

    Avril Levigne starts in just the right spot.

    In #2, I love the shaking and spraying sound around :10, but wish it was a little louder, because I missed it the first time I listened. The vocals at :20 also sound like background TV noise rather than a deliberate sound editing choice—which was it?

    I love your assertion that 'most of the graffiti around here sucks"
    I wish you had brought up some good " From :10 seconds on. I am yours. You speak with authority and conviction, that I completely buy your take on Sherman graffiti culture.

    Questions: Why does the graffiti here suck so bad and yet is better in your grandma's smaller town? And what could be done to give it its much-needed "kick in the balls"

    Loved them, especially your 2nd.

  2. I love your accent and your passion.