Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News Roundup!

Skype your doctor from anywhere in the world: More MD’s turn to web

Applied Cognitive Science + Engineering + Computing = a new Ph. D program in Arizona State University

Blood Test for Cancer: results in 20 min in your doc’s office

Personal DNA Decoder: own one for $50,000

Computers do “Spell Check” on patient’s prescriptions: new system to cut down medicine errors


  1. A few notes:

    - Though the picture helped, your headline did nothing to inform me what kind of news round-up this would be.

    - No need to capitalize every major in "Applied Cognitive Science + Engineering + Computing" nor for "test", "cancer", "decoder", or spell-check." You do need to capitalize Medicare though, because it is the official proper name of a program.

    - Why is your post in serif? Did you copy and paste it over from an MS Word document? Start composing in the Blogger dashboard or using notepad so that none of the MS Word formating gets pulled over into Blogger.

    - All the black and white kinda make this look dull. Think about adding some colorful shots. Or class tomorrow will help you out.

  2. Lastly, why is the first sentence smaller than all the rest?