Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Dub Files - A News Round Up

Here's a lineup of dubstep's top 5 news stories:

 1. Dubstep is having an identity crisis. Is it about dancing to some thumping bass until the early morning? Or does the bass invite you to do some introspective soul-searching? 

2. Dubstep artist James Blake is set to release his eagerly anticipated new full-length album in February 2011.

3. James Blake named as one of the top 15 artists to watch for in 2011.

4. Some people love dubstep, others hate it, kind of like Marmite!

5. Dubstep artist, Rustie, will be releasing his full length debut alum sometime this year, finally!

1 comment:

  1. Great job adding pics and videos, but sometimes too many can overwhelm a story, especially when there's very little text. We'll talk about resizing images soon, but don't feel the need to add an image or a video for every link or new item. They don't all need it and your text is the real star here.