Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Environmentalism Threatens "The Planet God Had Entrusted To Us"?

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME. If you agree with this mentality, I hope that I offend you and make you think seriously about what you are saying.  I see shit like this and just wonder how people can truly be so ignorant and selfish. There is no logic or statistics or anything rational tied to this video.
I cannot understand the logic of the people making these videos. I really do try to be open minded, but is it truly so terrible that it draws people towards "humanism?" Is humanism really so much a threat to Jesus that we need to put out videos saying that we should just stop giving a fuck because "God" knows best?
This video makes me so angry, because I know that a new generation of ignorant people living around the edgesof logic through Jesus is being trained. This video uses all of those basic advertising ideas that I learned in psych 101 that should be evident to most people with common sense. Common sense is overshadowed by trust in God and "rejecting the false world view... rejecting the church" and continue to not worry about evident implications of environmental ignorance.
The Cornwall Alliance fosters  "stewardship" for the environment, yet approves of these videos.
I just really have to wonder if these fundamentalists realize what much of the world thinks of when they hear "green dragon." And I hope that logic will continue to be what rules us in terms of how we approach environmentalism, and that this loosely faith based propaganda is a passing trend.

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