Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Continuing Story Of The Green Dragon

Laura mungo estate by Digital Self

Lauramungoestate2 by Digital Self

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  1. Awesome! First off, I love your argument and how you tie it together with the "green dragon theme. It actually makes me think of St. George and the Dragon (it's an archetype, you know... and an interesting one about enivronmentalism, stewardship, heroics, and the triumph of reason over base evil (super ego or ego vs. id). Plus, "enviro-shit"... a great neologism.

    I can tell this is pre-scripted. I'm curious how writing this was different from writing a blog post. Your voice and reasoning here are so much fresher and really engaing!

    At 1:00 the music starts to compete with your voice for center stage. A music outro or music at a lower volume would have helped us focus on the end of your message, which was worth hearing clearer.