Monday, January 17, 2011

Interview With Meow Wolf Artist Coming Soon

All I've ever really wanted out of life is to make something from nothing in a way that makes people reevaluate themselves, if only briefly.

I've received a confirmation at Meow Wolf  contributor Caity Kennedy will be giving us some insight into the world of working in an artist's collective where most materials are found or donated and shows are completed by a group of artists working together in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I've been fascinated in the idea of their projects and methods of creation since I first saw pictures a couple of years ago from work that my friend Matt King has contributed.
I feel like whether or not it means to, the idea of taking material items once with great value and purpose and turning them into something with greater value and less function shows the highest form of respect for  materials. This is exactly what I strive for in my own art. They even "cannibalize" their installations at the end of their shows to build into their next sculpted works.

We will soon have her responses and be able to look more in depth into what it means to be part of an art collective, and how using found materials integrates into the creative process at Meow Wolf.

Last year's installation Habitats has been a great inspiration to my continued love and inclination towards the things that might be trash, if someone didn't decide better. It's also an interesting spin on my concept of building structures from trash, which often look cozier to me, anyway.

I can't wait for the day that I am able to visit one of these shows in person. Until I have the money and time I hope to be able to glimpse into the life of Meow Wolf.

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